Forgive me, when i forget to remember that there is nothing worth rushing to lift my head off the ground when i kneel down to worship you, and so i […]

Ramadhan Mubarak!

In preparation for our beloved guest this year, and grattitude that we lived to at least experience the anticipation and longing for the month of Ramadhan i talked to a […]

See you again

He said Life’s short and you’ll die sooner than you think. True. That woke me up. Then she said All the hard-work is not for this world, our whole life […]

Love and Death

I like to believe in love. The way i believe in death, only love doesn’t have her shit right. Love will irk you to your last nerve, but you will […]

Will you love me?

Will you, Love me? Love is yet to hold meaning in my life, But even then, This heart beats, blindingly calling out for your love, I am no love guru, […]