Embrace your ugliness, your becoming. Be patient with yourself. -Oyunga Pala. Silence and Emptiness. I like this place, it’s quiet and mostly empty. Lonely, almost. Most times, the more than […]


Beautiful Darlings.

It’s been a minute. And in that minute, I have been trying to write this story. I have sat in front of my laptop with my fingers tapping at the […]


Maybe Tomorrow.

Today I sit at the far end of this room watching him by the corner of my left eye. So effortlessly handsome. And is that my favorite shirt? I love […]


Looking back.

Let us be human, and be open to siren songs of death cheated in the hope that lives shall be lived. Let us refuse to fall culprits into systematic robotic […]


Feet by the Ocean

I never find shoes my exact size. They are always either too small, too wide, or a bit bigger, but they never fit just right. Which has me thinking feet […]


Up and Up!

There’s a rock, down in Kajiado, Olepolos Country Club.  It stands in the midst of many other rocks. But this rock is different. Special, almost. It sits there so beautifully, […]

Quiet Love

So how do I make you feel? It feels safe here.    Like the noises within were hushed to sleep. Sleep so sound, i hear them dream. Sounds like, how you said hello with a smile […]


An ode to Success

What exactly does she look like? Is it the face of long sleepless nights and early mornings? Or the daily commute to and fro jobs we have become too accustomed […]

The Artist

He said she would have to be an artist. Amidst other things on the list, something about Asian hair, height and weight specs, etc. He had her stuck on the […]


The principle of Atomicity

“… forever to hold and to cherish, in sickness and in health, till death do us part..” I don’t know about you, but i’m not feeling this cliche-d vows. “I […]