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Dear Stranger


Seated here, listening to you speak,

Listening?  barely.144444573

Can merely hear what you’re saying.

But your voice.

Your voice resonates round the atmosphere

I can almost feel it run down my epiglottis as i sip my latte.

I can taste it.

I stare into the nothingness of this very atmosphere, giving my intestines room to digest all these. To absorb the you in me.



Its like a concoction of all that you have been and all you’ve turned out to be.

That makes you so beautiful in the most beautiful of ways,

A beautiful that makes me want to gently rip you off and just have you, all of you,

all to myself.

Open up your sore wounds and blow them all away with the goodbye kiss that will never be.

But i cant.

And i won’t.

Because it is in the damage and destruction,

the tangled mess that you struggle to disentangle everyday,

that you die and are reborn everyday,

giving rise to the shining gem that stands tall and bright,

So bright, on it i see my own flesh and bones,

flesh the mirror couldn’t show me. Bones so brittle they could barely hold.

A reflection that the millions of strangers you meet everyday have found parts of themselves they never knew existed.

And in that dazzling disaster, many have found a place they could, almost; Almost just. call home.

Maybe not today.

Nor tomorrow.

Maybe a lifetime 🙂




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