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Love and Death

I like to believe in love. The way i believe in death, only love doesn’t have her shit right. Love will irk you to your last nerve, but you will hold on, you will want to let go but you will hold on. Love will smack your ruddy cheeks so ferociuosly until all you can see is the stars in the sky. Love will blind you! Love may lie, but love is innocent and sweet and so you shall forgive. Love will keep you wondering, one day you’ll be travelling to the moon and the next you’re lying in a dumpster wondering how you got there. Love barely has any answers. And so you will continue to live, and love, and hope she gets her zipper straight. How much more…


Love will always have a way to silence you.

But, death? Death is certain. He is so sure about everything. He knows what he wants from life, and stops at nothing to get it. Death is the basket you can put all your eggs in and not worry of impending disappontments. Death learnt the art of keeping promises so excquisitely, he doesn’t know how to lie, he’ll hand you the stark truth on golden plates and will leave you ingesting every ounce of it, and by the time your done with the last bit, he’ll brusquely slap you on your face. Apologies? More pain? But death doesn’t give a hoot. Death’s slaps will dilate your eyes though, and you will see far and beyond the peaks of hills.

In his classic fairytale, he came for his princess while she was still joining up letters of the alphabet

A B C D E…..

See, Love was still learning how to spell. She’d learnt how to curve out the letters of her name. At least. But she didn’t have it all knit together like death. Love needed time.. time that was always slipping out of her hands. Love just needed time.


But death has given us time, and he hasn’t arrived yet, so here we talk about the things we’d discuss over heavens divine wine 🙂

{What ensues before the hubbub of thoughts in the monologue above, is the following mind-boggling colloquy. The actual exchange of thoughts transpired on a late evening in a dark alley across the world wide web, but their minds appear to be in their individual virtual universes and so the colloquial use of ‘birds’ more of the sort of conversations they hope to have over heaven’s divine wine}

Bird 1: and plus there’s no love before marriage *sips tea* (more of *digs beak into pomegranate*)

Bird 2: So make me understand this… If there’s no love before marriage and people marry because they love each other then what the hell is going on???? (The number of question marks must be directly proportional to the volume of confusion)
Of you believe in the initial jitters ??.. then why marry jitterless hoping it will come with time?

Bird 1: but ibn Taymiyyah said there’s no love before marriage and he couldn’t have been wrong? (dear chirp is beginning to get sad 🙁 more pomegranate)
and maybe what we call love is not love
that jittery feeling the sparks
that’s not love
Bird 2:   Salute. .. I take that argument. …
But what is it then?
Bird 1:   when we have this conversation again
after our first child maybe  (Lightly, chirp. Lightly. Let your wings learn how to flap first at least)
Bird 2:  Haha. … your first child… I don’t know if I want children.

Bird 2: Haha…. love is me driving my mum’s car at 2km/h when she’s at the passenger seat
Bird 1: hahaha (cheery chirping)
Bird 2: Coz she thinks I’m reckless. .. that’s love..Love is what I feel for material machines like bikes despite rejections. I think though if you asked me my ultimate definition of love is…. when you find yourself praying for someone more than you do for yourself…
Now that’s love… Probably how we have Swalatu Nabii and never forget it in every prayer. ..
Or how you pray for future husbands even before we meet… There could be a possibility of love before marriage
Bird 1:  love is how much i love that?❤
love is the amount of truth and love in that?❤(these lovebirds though!)
Bird 2:  Haha…. Thank you. .. and love for real is how much I love how much you live that…
Bird 1:   lol

The birds broke the tranquil of the dark night as they laughed out loud.

2 Responses
  • Annonymous
    June 15, 2015

    Love is the most pure feeling in this world.

    Congratulations on your new site Latifa.

  • Another stranger
    June 16, 2015

    This is seriously good.Very clever writing. Very well done.

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