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Ramadhan Mubarak!

In preparation for our beloved guest this year, and grattitude that we lived to at least experience the anticipation and longing for the month of Ramadhan i talked to a few people and had them share their thoughts about this month, their goals, expectations and what Ramadhan really means to them.

Enjoy 🙂



Ramadhan seems to me like a special time set aside for prayer and meditation. I like the idea of prayer and meditation, but if i was to fast, i’d probably do it in a different way than the way Muslims do. Because what’s the point of not eating the whole day and then eating so much more than i would have in a normal day at 7? I don’t get the point. If it was more about the praying and meditating and less about the food maybe.. I don’t know though… 


“An occasional reminder of love for fellow men before ourselves and an opportunity to practise it.”


“It’s a time when muslims fast and deny themselves food and water for purposes of prayer. Also you think of the poor and share meals with the less fortunate. I think it’s also a time when the family is brought closer together. “


“It’s almost like how Catholics fast over lent where the fast for 40 days and pray like Jesus did. Though with Catholics it’s optional, you can choose to give up food or something else that you really like. Its more or less the same.”


“It is a period of prayer and fasting for Muslim faithfuls.”


I’m really looking forward to Ramadhan, I am not perfect and this month just does it for me. It reminds of the basics, why i’m a muslim, why i pray, who i am in the inside and not just the facade i keep up sometimes. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s sort of a time where i get redefine who the real me. My major objective during this month is to improve the state of my soul and strengthen my faith through small acts of worship..”


“Ramadhan is a time to get closer to Allah and strengthen my faith. There is so much i’m hoping to accomplish this year, but my greatest goal is to become a better Muslim. ..and to get rid of music as well”


“Ramadhaan! The month of pure supplications and prayer to my Creator, where we all get to have a change of heart and get back on track in terms of the deen 🙂 I love Ramadhan so much i can’t even begin to explain in words what it means to me.. “


“There’s a whole ton of things that make Ramadhan special, but the best is Laytul-Qadr, i pray Allah gives us all this opportunity. Something else, this is the best time to change since Shaytaan has been locked up, so you can change your character and develop small habits like giving charity or praying sunnah and make them part of your everyday life. I hope to read the Quran and complete it this month in shaa Allah”


“This is the month where the Holy Book was revealed, thus a grand moment to show our efforts in trying to read, understand, contemplate and implement the word of Allah”



Just as the desert rose enthralls the dry golden sands of the deserts,

and the oasis hearts its vast kingdoms,


Giving with the only heart it beats with, fragments of life to all.


From the Bedouins who seek a hiatus haven on their travels,

to the ships of the desert to moist their dry throats.

They come forward with bitter-sweet happiness,

coated with layers of painful sadness,

Unfathomable happiness for their meeting once again,

painful sadness at the mourning of the death of a moment so alive,

that that too, shall soon pass, and cease to exist.


Beloved guest,

You are our oasis,

and just like the desert-dwellers,

we long for you like a mother longs for her  unborn baby,

for our throats are dry,

our hearts empty,

and our souls are dying.


We long for your benevolent arrival,

for second chances,

to sooth burning wounds,

to reclaim lost souls,

to rekindle lost hope,

to forgive. and forget.

Forgive ourselves for all that we have been,

and forget all the evil thrust unto us,

to unchain all these chains holding us refuge,

and grant our hearts the peace they yearn for.

that we continue to fulfill our purpose in this place.


You see,

It was never about the hunger pangs at 5 p.m,

or the gormandizing at 7 p.m,

It has never been about the vibibis and vitumbuas,

or the lavish iftar parties in our homes,

not even the moon-siting pandemonium.

But a reminder.

A reminder that paradise is worth all the pain,

and maybe it was never as serious as dilapidated cliches. Just maybe.

A reminder that we are human, and human is to err.

to keep going back, no matter how many times we lose our way.

To drink life again,

drink from the book that came to give us life.

A catapult to push us back where we belong,

so we may choose our exit points and find our way home. 


It’s easy to slip into some of the dinky excitements that come along with this month. Food, trips to and fro the mosque, but be sure to have the essence of it all. This is the month in which the Quran was revealed, and so now more than ever build your connection with this book. Whether you have to start from constructing the base or refurnishing the house of your relationship with this book, just take that first step!

Listen to how Nouman Ali Khan plans on getting the most of his Ramadhan here.



3 Responses
  • Najma Ali
    June 16, 2015

    Ramadhan a time to get closure to our Creature a time for ibadah rahma(mercy) and peace

  • Najmah Capal
    June 25, 2015

    Mashaa Allah you have a beautiful blog here, looking forward reading your upcoming posts. 🙂


    • Latifa Mbarak
      June 25, 2015

      Jazakillah kheyr Sis! More exciting content coming up in shaa Allah!

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