Maybe Tomorrow.

Today I sit at the far end of this room watching him by the corner of my left eye. So effortlessly handsome. And is that my favorite shirt? I love […]


Up and Up!

There’s a rock, down in Kajiado, Olepolos Country Club.  It stands in the midst of many other rocks. But this rock is different. Special, almost. It sits there so beautifully, […]


An ode to Success

What exactly does she look like? Is it the face of long sleepless nights and early mornings? Or the daily commute to and fro jobs we have become too accustomed […]

Icy Fiery Fires :)

 ICY ICY ICY BALLS ICY BALLS OF FIRE. For the days, when the cuts cut deeper, and the fires rage louder, the edges, get rougher, the feels? super-chill. so ice-burnt […]


Happily ever after?

…have patience with everything unresolved in your heart, and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms, or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the […]


Dear future Husband,

You got me thinking about how you look at 4 a.m and how much milk you pour in your coffee. You got me thinking about the color of your eyes, […]

Finding home

Him: I was an alcoholic for ten years. For ten years, i drenched my liver in alcohol. Me: But why? Him: I sought answers my dear, answers. Me: In alcohol? […]

Will you love me?

Will you, Love me? Love is yet to hold meaning in my life, But even then, This heart beats, blindingly calling out for your love, I am no love guru, […]

Dear Stranger

Seated here, listening to you speak, Listening?  barely. Can merely hear what you’re saying. But your voice. Your voice resonates round the atmosphere I can almost feel it run down […]