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The Artist

He said she would have to be an artist. Amidst other things on the list, something about Asian hair, height and weight specs, etc. He had her stuck on the art. In retrospect, he was too, she thought. A quaint piece of art that would fit seamlessly in the hands of a painter. May be an abstract piece, subtly beautiful that would tower over guests in the hallway of a lavish restaurant. The attention that it would raise from the few that did notice, would be with wonder and awe. It would notice all the intricate details of the happenings around it while the victims remain oblivious to its presence. The tall dark and handsome every girl’s description he fit into a little too perfectly. His dark brown eyes went further sweeping thee feet of the lasses away. Calm and composure was a facade he seemed to wear so effortlessly but his soul raged with unanswered questions, seeking, seeking for what he probably didn’t even know he was seeking. His kindness was perfectly proportioned, with shades of beautiful evil. The evil might have been a camouflage of all that he intended to remain barred to the rest of the world. So that’s all she got to see, shades of beautifully constructed evil.

They spoke, but they barely spoke. There was fire and passion in every word that was passed across. Sparks of light being thrown across them that set their hearts on fire. Their souls spoke one language. And their eyes? They would stare into each others’ eyes and stare into the silence between them that held everything they were trying to tell each other but hadn’t found the nerves to forklift out of their chests.

I love you.

I love you too sweetheart. With all my might, i freaking love you!


Eternity yes, let’s peer into the world together.

Hold my hand. 

Don’t let go of mine. 

But, what if..?

This. Just this is sufficient. 

And, seriously, how?

Honestly, i have no idea.

Have smelt that cologne before. 

Wonder what’s beneath her scarf?

And the glistening body she seems to hide under that black long cloth. 

Wonder what she thinks of me

Anyway i’m hungry. I’ll need to get food on my way home. 


Was it fear? Could easily have been. Fear of what though? Unknown? Hurt?

Because there was enough bravery and passion to last them the lifetime they so longed for. He had a way of looking into his eyes that felt like he could see the rest of the world in her eyes.  He would look as if the mind was working on the master plan of the path that he was going to follow on his way to wherever he was going. And he knew where he was going. Maybe she wasn’t even part of that journey. But those eyes had it in them. There was massive power in them, they shone with a certain brilliance. They generated some sort of dark radiance that made her feel a certain kind of safety. The sort of radiance she felt she could ride on and maybe even see herself through the reflection of his perception of her.

But she could have been wrong. She was probably wrong.

He seemed to enjoy the mystery and the that came with her company. The questions that would storm his mind with every glance. Questions he couldn’t ask. Yet. And maybe it wasn’t all so bad. It was a mystery he was willing to spend a good chunk of his time solving.


His mystery, her artist.

Both parties win. 

Was there a happily ever after? 

It was in the questions that their forever lain. 

For that is what it is, what it has always been and what it will probably remain to be. Turns out, that’s what this is, an unanswered sphere of questions. Where we find the facts, and turn them into our own truths, and if they don’t settle well within, then let them go. This has a way of resonating with the self when peering over the whole of Nairobi from one of the tallest buildings in the city. Breathtaking scenery that’s too vast to make anything out of, nor be able to define. Art from the Master of artists that just takes you away. And you let it, gladly.



This story has got no personal affiliation; it is however an attempt at fiction and coming to terms with the fact that maybe there are no answers. What do you think though? Do you have your questions answered? Are you still seeking answers?





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